The Annex is a coworking space for new moms, within their first year of returning to work from maternity leave. It gives moms additional bonding time, the comfort of still having their children within arm’s reach and the opportunity to step back into their careers at the same time. This space is designed to provide an extension to traditional maternity leave – an extra set of hands (“work-in” nanny), a networking community of professional moms, a “home” office and a satellite office.

Working from home doesn’t work without the personal expense of hiring a full-time nanny. The Annex is designed to make mom feel like she is working from home, while being in a supportive environment that is conducive to productivity.

Mom also has the comfort of knowing exactly how her infant is being cared for when she returns to work, as the baby will either be with her or just down the hall, with viewing access via the live nanny cam.

Our clients have the ability to actively support their key employees as the re-engage in their careers.